Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is the way of the future and that’s why we’re committed to research and analysis in order to stay up to date with the latest technology and developments. Testing accessibility across the full range of devices is crucial to understand where potential issues are presented to users of assistive technologies.

Our expert knowledge of mobile technology allows us to offer you the best advice on accessible mobile web and native mobile platforms.

Mobile phone
Touch screen tablet

Research and & analysis

Many of our accessibility testers rely on the tools they test with in their daily lives, and so keep up-to-date with the latest developments, news and studies.

Organisations looking to provide the very best service to their customers need to be aware of developments in the mobile accessibility and digital inclusion arena and this is where our services can prove invaluable.

Testing of mobile technology

All of our services, including audit and accreditation, are available for both websites and apps on a number of mobile platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Blackberry.

If you’re looking to push into the mobile space, or are already there but want to ensure access for all you're reaching all of your potential customers or users, get in touch for advice and support.