Central Bedfordshire Council

Digital Accessibility Centre Certificate of Accreditation

Accreditation Certificate Number: Central Bedfordshire /01

Client:Central Bedfordshire Council

Product:Website Accreditation

Certificate Issued From: 6th September 2016 Until: 6th September 2017

Platform: Mobile and Desktop


Each Accreditation undergoes a manual expert review followed by user testing with actual devices.

The product is also tested by a team of experienced web analysts, all of whom have a disability. User testing has been conducted including individuals who are blind, have low vision, are dyslexic, colour blind, mobility impaired, have a learning difficulty and also deafness.

All of this testing is carried out in line with WCAG 2.0, MWBP and relevant platform specific guidelines, and conforms in line with BS8878: 2010 Web Accessibility Code of Practice.

Known Issues

Screen reader users are unable to navigate the sub menu items on the home page when sequentially navigating (using gestures) through content. Therefore a user should utilise 'Explore by touch' on both iOS and android in order to select sub menu items, or select the top level heading such as ‘Planning’ in order to access these sub menu items.

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